5 Day Elemental Cleanse

Release, Relax, Unwind



Balancing the 5 Elements

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Is it time for you to unplug from your daily life

and cleanse your body & mind?   


If so, please consider coming to Rejuvenation Sanctuary

to feed your soul with the beauty of the surroundings, 

feed  your body with vibrant living food made with love, 

reset your mind by a digital detox.


Cleansing/healing modalities used are Colon Hydrotherapy(open system),

Whole foods, Amethyst Bio Mat, Detox Baths, Far Infrared Sauna,

Tibetan Pulse Consultations, Yoga, Meditation, Art Therapy, Sound Therapy and more…

I support each client to activate their inner healer. 

I have helped people regain a sense of self awareness, clarity and strength. 

If you feel overwhelmed, tired, stressed out...or just not yourself... Contact me and make an appointment for a free 30 min consultation.

I am here to serve my clients and support them in their own unique healing journey.

Space limited to 5 people per weekend

"Self Care is how you take your power back"

- Lalah Delia


We are located in Northern Idaho close to the beautiful Jewel Lake.


Our sanctuary is built on a quartz slab and therefore accentuates the healing process.


There is a waterfall in our Sanctuary with frogs and live plants that increase the vibration of the space. 


We have an incredible view of our 2 acre Gratitude Lake and 38 acres to hike around in.

Back Massage


Tel: 208.610.4964

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